1486756_578480408898253_2022849933_nOver two decades of service has taught us that consideration for context, as well as thorough attention to details, are essential (and timeless) value-adding features for a travel agent. While the travel industry is constantly changing, and customers have endless possibilities in customizing their travel experience, we do believe that human interaction, as well as expert advice, will never go out of fashion.

Myanmar is a distinct travel destination, being more different than it is similar to any other. There isn’t a single “go-to” place which could possibly summer-up what Myanmar has to offer. We recommend a minimum of 7-8 days for a brief tour of major destinations or, better yet, a 12-14 days journey for a more comprehensive travel experience. If you are already familiar with Myanmar, we would love to customize your journey, to fit your areas of interest and personal taste.

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