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Q: When is the best period to visit Myanmar?

A: The “High Season” is considered to be the prime time vor a visit, and it runs from October to April, with the peak period being December and January. The “Low Season”, which overlaps for the most part with the rainy Monsoon season, starts in May and ends in September. We recommend the High Season for the best experience, but the Low Season might also be attractive, as prices are low and points of interest are less crowded.

Q: What is the weather in Myanmar?

A: We use to say that our country has 3 seasons: hot, hotter and hottest. In winter (November – February) the weather is sunny and dry, with temperatures of 20-30 degrees Celsius. Summer starts in March and ends in June, and is equally dry, but can be 10 degrees (or more) hotter. From July to October the weather is rainy, and temperatures are stable around 30 degress Celsius.

As an important note, Myanmar has several micro-climates, which might be relevant for your travel plans. Bagan, for example, is semi-desertic, and is usually dry even in the Monsoon season. Similarly, the Shan plateau, has an almost constant temperature all-year round, due to it’s high altitude (1000m / 3000ft), and northern Kachin state, where the Eastern Himalayas are rising, are home to perennial snow caps.

Q: Do I need a Visa for travelling to Myanmar?

A: Unless you are a citizen of a few ASEAN countries, the likely answer is yes. In any case, Myanmar Visa can be obtained online, trough the official government site, in a quick and easy process. Kindly click here for details: